John 5:1-8
 Prophet A.O.Ojo

– Ask God to forgive your sins

– Forgive those who have sin against you.

Pray according to Luke 11:4 :

Every enemy that has refused to let me go, tonight receive double destruction

Anointing for supernatural breakthrough, fall upon me now

O ye serpent of impossibility sent after me, die

Any bewitched organ in my body receive deliverance

My Lord, My God, let every anti-progress altar fashioned against me be destroyed by the thunder fire of God

Let every financial,marital,academic,professional, natural… failure in my life receive termination now

My Father, My Father, let every power chasing away my blessings be paralyzed

God of my creation, let every imprisoned and buried potentials begin to come forth

Oh Lord, let every agent of shame and mockery working against me be paralyzed

I quench every strange fire emanating from evil tongues against me

Thou swallower of my breakthrough, vomit it and die

Arise for me, Oh Lord, reschedule my life for an uncommon testimony

Give the Lord some praise!!

LATER ON there was a Jewish festival (feast) for which Jesus went up to Jerusalem.
John 5:1 (AMP)

Now there is in Jerusalem a pool near the Sheep Gate. This pool in the Hebrew is called Bethesda, having five porches (alcoves, colonnades, doorways).
John 5:2 (AMP)

In these lay a great number of sick folk-some blind, some crippled, and some paralyzed (shriveled up)-waiting for the bubbling up of the water.
John 5:3 (AMP)

For an angel of the Lord went down at appointed seasons into the pool and moved and stirred up the water; whoever then first, after the stirring up of the water, stepped in was cured of whatever disease with which he was afflicted.
John 5:4 (AMP)

There was a certain man there who had suffered with a deep-seated and lingering disorder for thirty-eight years.
John 5:5 (AMP)

When Jesus noticed him lying there [helpless], knowing that he had already been a long time in that condition, He said to him, Do you want to become well? [Are you really in earnest about getting well?] John 5:6 (AMP)

The invalid answered, Sir, I have nobody when the water is moving to put me into the pool; but while I am trying to come [into it] myself, somebody else steps down ahead of me.
John 5:7 (AMP)

Jesus said to him, Get up! Pick up your bed (sleeping pad) and walk!
John 5:8 (AMP)